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King & Co is a development company and property consultancy specialising in unlocking the potential of residential and commercial sites, maximising value and delivering creative, beautiful and unique places. 


We provide services to landowners using complementary skills and expertise cultivated over many years in the property and construction sector.

Our Services

  • Asset Enhancement

  • Strategic Land Promotion

  • Development Consultation & Delivery

  • Interior Design

  • Community Relations and Public Affairs

  • Land Assembly

The local, in-house professional team at King & Co works closely with a number of leading consultants to maximise value through streamlined planning strategies, open and community-facing placemaking, collaborative design approaches and by managing the cost control and risk management process during construction and delivery. 

Our people

Who we are

King & Co was established in 1920 by Herbert James King and reconstituted by legatee and Managing Director Oliver King. Together with Jonathan Collins, a lasting partnership has evolved into a full-suite in-house team whose vision pays tribute to the company’s ancestral values of local, personal engagement and balanced, sympathetic development.


Continuing the rich legacy laid down by our founders puts localism at the heart of every project we undertake.

To us, it means fostering an open, collaborative approach with established communities and bringing stakeholders on our journey. It means forward thinking grassroots engagement with generations whose futures we serve.


We are based in Hertfordshire

With our roots firmly set in Hertfordshire, we take great pride in shaping the aspirations of the county we call home. It is, in the words of our founder, our mantle to bear. For the growth of our community and the protection of its heritage.