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King & Co is duty-bound to its local community. For the continued prosperity of future generations, every project is tailored to the grain of its locality and the product of an iterative approach to design that allows for meaningful engagement. It is our pride, and what makes our attitude to development unique. 

Grassroots Engagement

Homes are an outward expression of an inner aspiration and we understand that new developments help shape the social fabric of a community.

Many local stakeholders we speak to are positive about progress and change, but disenfranchised by the opacity of the process. Meaningful collaboration and an active ‘design dialogue’ are cornerstones of King & Co’s approach that give local communities a critical role in the life of a project from inception to delivery.

By putting people at the very heart of placemaking, our projects are balanced, relevant and bespoke to the local community.

We choose to engage directly with local people face-to-face, door-to-door, evolving our designs collaboratively.

King & Co facilitates the engagement of all generations to participate in decisions about the built environment, promoting a process which ensures development reflects the aspirations of all people in the community.


Building Futures is promoting sustainability, innovation and design excellence.

The judges said:

“Modern methods of construction combined with traditional Hertfordshire barn materials and passive design, has resulted in three family homes which are suitable for 21st Century living. The clever use of timber cladding and zinc roofing reinforce the rural agricultural aesthetic, whilst controlled solar gain, commercial glazing, passive sustainability techniques and low-impact works enhances the ecological habitat.

“A great example of how agricultural buildings can be repurposed – the spatial arrangement and detailing offer a new interpretation. A simple palette of materials and details, which are repeated across the buildings, have resulted in a design that is highly legible and expresses its past. The result is a high quality and unique series of houses with great double height family living spaces extending out into the gardens.”

King & Co supports and participates in local events and initiatives. It is one small way we can give back to the communities that support us.

Local initiatives
and supporting local charities

King & Co supports the Willow Foundation, a local charity which organises Special Days for seriously ill young adults including An Evening with a Lion at the Red Lion in Hatfield hosted by British & Irish Lion and World Cup winner, Kyran Bracken MBE.

We have also advocated for Keech Hospice Care, raising money for adults and children receiving specialist care.