Site area:
500+ acres

Development yield:
A number of interventions in the built environment to support the commercial vitality of the Estate

King & Co role:

King & Co has been appointed by the Trustees of the Brocket Estate trustees to undertake a Whole Estate Plan which will be used to guide the management of and investment in the Estate between 2019 and 2035.

As a historical cornerstone of Welwyn Hatfield and an enduring feature of its identity, our vision is a product of the Estate’s context, its composition, and a reflection of its contribution to the economic, environmental and social well-being of the local area. It explores ways in which the Estate can sustainably engage with its responsibilities as a steward to its neighbouring communities.

Through collaborative dialogue with a broad range of people with an interest in the Estate, the Whole Estate Plan articulates the initial approach the team expect to take to the management of the Estate’s assets, including potential projects and development opportunities to diversify its growth, and supports the wider delivery of Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council’s Emerging Local Plan.